Our Process

iBit Solution offers a rich expertise in providing a comprehensive range of mission, critical testing services by giving end-to-end, high quality and quick turn around testing solution. Each project is unique by it's nature and require a distinct set of ideas and collective expertise.

We exercise the below mentioned steps of our own SDLC which makes us guarantee to our customer for the best satisfactory output and highest quality result every time.

   Project Study
Understanding client website, goal and audience. This is the very basic stage of any software / web development process. Before starting of any project it is required to gather some of the basic information about the client requirement. It is extremely important to understand the objective and purpose of developing a system from development point of view. This always results in the best deliverables.

   Project Charter
Preparation of the FLD (First Level Document) as per the study. Once the project analysis is complete, it is very much important to document the requirements of client in brief and convey it to the client. For this, project charter is prepared which is passed on to the client for their approval.

   Project Planning
Establishing timelines and deliverable milestones. Once the client's approval is received on the basis of the project charter, project development is planned for the timelines, milestones and deliverable.

   Content Architecture
Planning your website content and structure. Here, we seek more inputs for the mentioned point.

   Designing and Prototyping
Creating and refining interfaces and graphic elements. System designing and interface prototyping is started once a project approval is received and pricing is fixed. Now the look and feel of the site / interfaces are planned and designed.

   Client Approval - Design / Prototype.
Once the design is ready, it seeks the client approval for further advancement of the project.

   Product Development
Bringing it all together. Here, the actual development of the system is started. During this phase, we carry out white box testing on each and every phases as well as complete black box testing for each milestones.

   White box testing
Constant testing and quality checking, during and after the development is complete, the application is made available to our testing engineers, who performs robust testing of the application and make sure the application is working as it should. On finding errors our QC team are conveyed to the programmers for required modification. The testing process is continuously carried out until the site is completely error free.

   Black box testing
Testing is finished as per our testing methods. Again, the test engineer carries out black box testing on the completed application as a whole.

   Launch it on test mode
Once our QC team approves the launching of the application, We put the whole application on the test server and make available to the client for their review. We seek the client approval for the finished application on a test server.

   Make live
Making the site available on WWW. We put the application on the production live server and make it reachable through the WWW.

Marketing of your entry in the WWW to the world, letting them know about your site.

Maintain and monitor your application. A site after going live client needs regular maintenance. A site should be also regularly updated from time to time. This is an optional service we provide for our clients, who does not want to spend their valuable time in maintenance / small changes in their application.

Our team is responsible for quality of the application used in the development process. Each application goes through the process of testing as per well developed check list and thus able to increase the quality of our clients. Products while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs. To manage this process, we have a comprehensive quality and bug management system which is open to testers, developers and clients thus making a transparent system.