Database Design

iBit Solution having a strong database development team. Database development is the core part of every project, if your database stracture will not storong then your project will not steady. Our database team expertised in building a strong and flexible database development service with well known databases like Oracle, MySQL and other leading RDBMS. Our adroit database developers have rich knowledge they can work directly with your in-house staff or if the situation mandates, they can rather develop the entire project from design through training and implementation. iBit Solution provides a wide bracket of database service, development of custom business database software and e-commerce database software.

We at iBit Solution provide lightning fast database solutions to create, organize and share business information over internet.
Our Database development solution includes

    Database performance tuning.
    Database design and modification.
    Database upgrade and migration.
    Importing and exporting existing data.
    Database monitoring and trouble shooting.
    Database optimization.
    Query performance tuning.
    Normalization and denormalization of tables.
    Verify backup.