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We were very fortunate to work with iBit Solution as they helped us to make our vision of building a humor application a reality. Despite the complexity of the application, iBit Solution was able to deliver the application to our needs. Their combination of functional, business and technical skills was truly reflected in their work. They have demonstrated an ability to quickly understand complex issues and provide innovative and sound solutions. Overall, it was a pleasure working with iBit Solution, and we would like to compliment them for their consistency, quality of work, and contribution to our application.
- Operating Manager
  Memeco, LLC, USA
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Hi ! We are very happy and satisfied with the professional approach from your company. We did missed out a few points which you guys have taken care of very nicely ! Thanks ! Owner, The ResumeCreator
- R. Jani
  Owner - TheResumeCreator
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Varshesh, as I said to you initially when we first spoke - you are one of only programmers who takes his time in this research as well, usually I have to micomanage and explain everything step by step. but my experience with you says you have a very clear vision of projects like this from the marketing and business standpoint as well as technically. Good Work!!
- H. Peterson
  Partner, California - US based company.